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What is Stock Market and How it Works ?

You may have heard that if you have invested an amount of an Enfield in the Eicher Motors share in 2001 ¬†you will be having an investment of 5 Crores by 2015-2016. But that’s a fact!


Stock Exchange: It is where the stock market process is happening.

Whats is stock market and share market: A stock market is dealt with derivatives, bonds, mutual funds as well as shares, a share market dealt with shares only.

Primary Market and Secondary Market: Primary market is where a company get registered into the stock exchange by issuing certain no of shares. and if the company selling the share for the first time, it is called IPO. The secondary market is where the public can buy and sell the shares with the help of a brokering firm and platform.

How does a Stock Market Works?

Stocks are units of ownership in a company. A company sell stocks for Improve production, Implement new products, Hire Employees or Modifying their company etc…

So government sells bonds and companies sell the stocks,

Once the shares are available for people it can be own by anyone by buying shares with share price, and this means you are a share holder. So here comes the clarification, the price value depends on the Supply and Demand of the company share.

Stock market

3.7 Cents of Land For Sale – Vytilla, Error Road

Exactly 3.7 cents of land for sale at a price of 200000 (20 lakhs), It is negotiable.

It suited for house, and passage is one meter road (Only bike can enter).

For more details mail to :

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Natural Ways To Control Shortness of Breath

Nowadays there are lot many chances to have this health condition which is Shortness of Breath, as the name implies it will give discomfort to the person while breathing, But don’t worry much there are lot many ways to make this in control. Here are some natural remedies or life style which can keep you healthy even without considering this condition.



  1. Inhale Hot Water Steam : This will help to dissolve mucus and clear you nasal passages
  2. Breathing Exercises : Diaphragmatic Breathing, Pranayama, Alternate Nostril Breathing
  3. Black Coffee : Having black coffee helps to loose the respiratory muscles, but avoid higher consumption which cause blood pressure
  4. Beetroot : It is having high iron content which helps to recover body from iron deficiency.
  5. Mild Walking, Working in a pleasant and eco-friendly environment, Keep body hydrated with water and vegetables.
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