5 Top-notch and Affordable Countries for Higher Education in 2019

Studying abroad is a dream of many, and one must have to spend weeks or even months to decide where to go for getting a higher education degree. Are you one of them? Is it getting difficult for you to search out the best foreign countries for higher studies because all of them seem perfect? Well, you need not worry anymore as you will get to know about five top-notch and affordable countries for higher education in the article, so keep reading it till the end.


England Study


England is probably the first choice for every student out there, because of its prominent image in the world, and its management system is on point. One can get an entry in any of the top-notch university of England with ease. From picking a relevant course to applying for a degree program to take admission, every stage is quite simple. Moreover, it will be the best affordable country for higher education because it will improve your English language skills, which is the need of a modern world, and you will also get other facilities as an international student.




Germany has always been a center of attraction for international students because of not only well-developed and well-established environment, but for low and almost free studies, too. In the country, you have a lot of options to choose as hundreds of universities are offering highly affordable education to international students. Moreover, all the courses are accredited and globally recognized, so there is a probability of getting better job opportunities if you enroll and graduate from any of Germany’s prestigious institute. As per some credible sources, more than 357,000 students are looking for a degree of German institutes.


Geneva Campus Switzerland


Switzerland has become more convenient for international students to get a degree program, because of its ultra-advanced and peaceful atmosphere, and the standard of education in the country is notably high. As per the sources, 16.9 percent of education enrolment came from abroad, and there are numerous opportunities for jobs for international students in Switzerland.



The third most renowned country among students is none other than Spain, which has over 70 universities, and all of them are doing great. It is because the education system in the country is incredible and of a high standard. Many people think only Madrid and Barcelona whenever they heard the name Spain, but a country offers more than those two cities.



One of the most convenient places in the universe is China, which is the second dominating economy, and it is grabbing the attention of many students, who are willing to get higher education in less costly, but certified countries. China could be an excellent choice for science & technical courses. However, arts & humanities programs could be challenging for international candidates due to the language barrier. China is a safe country, but few of its cities are dealing with air pollution problems, so pick your university after thorough research.

Canada Education

It is safe to say European countries are much helpful in providing a quality education because of their advanced system, almost reasonable and affordable tuition expenses, and exciting environment. They emphasize more on the education system as they understand the need for it in the modern era.

Countries like Canada, Russia, Georgia, Singapore all these are being popular nowadays because of the education standards and stay back opportunities.

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