Best Soda Drinks that are Healthy and not toxic for Human Body

Usually, soda drinks aren’t good for health or let it improvise, excessive intake of soda drinks are worse for a human body. All doctors recommend drinking water and fresh juices instead of canned sodas. In the modern day, people prefer to have processed food and drinks more than home-made ones, because of the shortage of time, hectic business schedules, jobs, and what not. Though water is irreplaceable, however, many people can’t control their cravings for soft drinks, including Pepsi, Coca Cola, and others.

As per some research, one tin of coke contains more than nine teaspoons of sugar, so you can imagine how dangerous it could be for your health. However, there are a few soft drinks that are not only refreshing and delightful in taste but are also less toxic and even healthy for your body. Let’s check out!


  • Waterloo GrapefruitPromotions


Next time you want to drink something citrusy, try Waterloo Grapefruit because you will never get a flavored healthy soft drink anywhere else. It has zero calories, zero fat, and zero carbs as well. You can try it and even recommend it to others without thinking twice.


  • Spindrift Orange Mango


The tropical liquor, mixes squeezed oranges with mango puree to make a flavor, which is sour and sweet at the same time, Spindrift is one of the top-rated soft drinks in the world. It includes ten calories, zero fat, and three-gram carbs, so it is less sugary, but delightful in taste.


  • Waterloo Lime


One of the best flavors from one of the top-rated company, Waterloo Lime, is another sugar-free, calorie-free, and fat-free drink that filled with citrusy taste, and it would be the perfect option when you’re craving for something refreshing and light.


  • Live Kombucha


If you ever want to try Kombucha, Live’s soda-flavored drinks would be great options for you. With plenty of flavors, including Cola, Root Beer, and many others, you can get a less toxic and less sugary soft drink with yummy taste. So, do try it instead of regular Cola drinks.


  • Polar Seltzer’ade


Like Waterloo, Polar Seltzer’ade also has zero carbs, calories, and fats, and it has yummy flavors, too. Whether you want to drink Mango Limeade or Raspberry Pink Lemonade, it will give you refreshing feeling, to be honest.


  • Dry Sparkling, Ginger


Ginger Ale is not unknown to anyone, because it’s a favorite childhood drink of many, and they still love it. A traditional tin is as dangerous for health as coke, but if you try Dry’s version, you will never use the sugary one, because the Dry Sparkling is not only less in sugar and calories, but it has more flavor and taste, too.

No doubt there are many other options in the market, and you can find it through a little research. However, it’s always better to consume less quantity of drinks, and use water, which is a natural purifier for the body, and it can never harm humans for sure. Moreover, one should check a tin or a can of a drink to know how much calories, fat, and carbs it has in it so that you can take the right decision.

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