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We specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses (including Real Estate companies) to generate MAXIMUM CAPITAL at the LOWEST POSSIBLE rate of interest, EVEN ON EXISTING LOANS.

In the past, we have been able to save clients up to 3.43 Crore Rupees through reductions in the interest rates for their already existing loans.

We have tied up with over 45+ banks and NBFC’s in order to provide the best services. We also offer investment services like insurance, mutual funds, fixed deposits and filing of Income Tax returns. We deal with different insurance/mutual fund companies to provide best policies to the client which maximize their returns.

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We are a financial services company founded in 1994 to cater to all small and medium enterprises, builders, individuals, corporations, franchisees, schools, hospitals and professionals. We offer a wide range of financing solutions to help your business grow, sustain and capitalize on opportunities, and generally thrive. Our specialty is helping you in reducing the rate of interest for your existing loans.

We are a full-fledged team of more than 23 employees that are experts in the financial field. With our close relationship with more than 45 banks and NBFCs, we serve customers in more than 50 different industries, with a range of more than 30 different products.

We operate efficiently and transparently, so our clients don’t have to worry about any extra charges like processing fees, insurance, service charges etc., and aim to build a lasting relationship with each of our customers. Additionally, our operations are totally discreet and confidential, and we get the work done and conduct discussions with the bank without ever disclosing the name of the client or borrower.

A single bank would request many different documents in order to provide a solution. For us to begin working with a client, we only need 3 documents. These are, • 2 Years financial details, •Sanction Letter, and •CIBIL (if required). After we discuss with different banks, we provide the client with a number of options for the client to choose from. We will then execute the proposal upon the client’s confirmation of which option they want to proceed with, and simultaneously begin working on the remaining required documents.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or enquiries.

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