Cool Clothes for Indian Men | Gifting Purpose

The art of giving is unavoidable in our life. At one point in your life, you will always find your self in a situation that you need to get some a gift either as an appreciation, as an encouragement for the exemplary deed they have done, on their birthday, wedding, graduation or any occasion worth rewarding someone for. Sometimes it can your lover, husband, your father, your boss, an uncle or just a male colleague at your workplace. Therefore if you want to get them Indian wear as a gift you should be keen and quick to identify their preferred fashion, their age, their religion and your relationship with them. Here is a short summary of the top 5 amazing Indian wear for men that will make them jovial;

1. Dhoti

Dhoti for Men

This is considered the national dress of India. This kind of wear is popular in the villages. Therefore this can be a good gift for your grandfather back in the village.

2. Achkan

This is a long coat usually fitted with buttons through the length of the jacket. They are worn with matching fitting pants called churidars. This regalia is usually worn during the wedding by the groom. Therefore this can be an ideal gif for your friend, brother, uncle even boss who is planning his wedding ceremony.

3. Headgear

Commonly known as pagri or turban is worn in most parts of India. Styles, designs, and types of headwear depend on the region where an individual is coming from. Therefore before you choose this as a gift kindly confirm if that’s the style and design he uses or prefers.

4. Gandhi Cap

This cap is made of Khadi. It is commonly associated with Mahatma Gandhi. We have seen most of our male political leaders wear it most of the time. Therefore this can be a great gift to a male friend who is a political leader or a great fun the late MahatmaGandhi.

5. Bandhgala

Also known as Jodhpuri is a formal suit from India. It has a blend of Western-style inform of trousers, coat, and sometimes a vest. This attire can be used for formal occasions, therefore, it can be an ideal gift for your male boss, your husband or even a brother who have those numerous formal meetings. It is always good to be sure that your choice of gift will be liked the recipient, so do some research before placing your to buy wear for someone.

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