Fun-facts about Popular Snacks: Sushi and Momos

Are you a hopeless food lover? Do you love snacks a lot in your leisure time? If yes, then why not trying something different? How about Sushi? Or Momos? Or both? Well, snacks are one of the integral types of food, which has the power to calm down your hunger within seconds. They can take less time in making as compared to a proper meal. Here, you will be able to know about two of the most favorite snacks of Asian countries; one is Sushi, and the other is Momo. Both have different attributes and are highly appreciable snacks from their respective countries. Let’s check out some fun facts about them.


Japanese hot favorite dish, Sushi, without a shadow of a doubt, is mouth-watering and delicious. Along with its yummy taste, it is also rich in nutrition, which makes it a healthy food. Sushi is unarguably the national dish of Japan, and Japanese feel proud of their cuisine and culture. It’s like a part of their tradition.

Mouth Watering Sushi


Sushi usually made of prepared vinegared rice along with a pinch of salt and sugar in it. It consists of numerous ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and sometimes, tropical fruits, too.


Many people make and present it in a different style, but the essential ingredient is none other than Sushi Rice.


There are lots of types of sushi, and the most prominent are:

  • Chirashizushi
    It is scattered sushi, and it serves in a bowl with rice and uses other ingredients as
    toppings. It is fast and easy to make recipe.
  • Inarizushi
    A pouch of fried tofu, and topped up with sushi rice, Inarizushi is another mouth watering type of Sushi, which is quite renowned in Japan.
  • Makizushi
    Its English name is, rolled sushi, and it's a cylindrical piece, which usually made with the help of a bamboo mat, also known as Makisu. Moreover, it wraps in seaweed, but sometimes, it covers in a thin omelet, cucumber, soy paper, or perilla leaves.
  • Nigirizushi
    Another name of Nigirizushi is hand-pressed sushi because it consists of an egg-shaped pile of rice, which presses between the palms of the hands to make it in an oval-shaped ball.
  •  Oshizushi
    Pressed or box sushi belongs to Kansai region, and it’s the specialty of Osaka city. With the use of a wooden mold, a block-shaped piece usually prepared. It always consists of cooked ingredients.



Originally from Tibetan, Momo is a South Asian dumpling, which is quite famous in India and Himalayan areas of South Asia. It considers a national cuisine of Tibet, Nepal, North India, Northeast India, and Bhutan. Though you can find similar dishes in East Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia, still Indian-style Momo is different than the rest as they usually make it with Indian herbs and spices.


For making Momos, you need white flour dough, meat, vegetable, or if you like cheese, then you can use that filling. It serves with tomato and sesame chutney dip, soybean soup, and you can take sesame soup, too.

Variation in style

There is a variation in the style of Momos, because steam-momo, C-momo, Open-momo, Kotheymomo, and fried momo are popular types of it.

Sushi and Momo are different from each other, but they are famous in Asian regions and both are healthy snacks.

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