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Royal Enfield is a great and reliable motorcycle brand that is cherished by many in India and even other parts of the world. To many Royal Enfield is more than just an ordinary motorcycle but rather a cult and a lifestyle to them. In India Royal Enfield has been functional since 1955. Despite the competitive nature of its motorcycle features there those who still believe that with certain modifications and improvements of some of the accessories will throw this brand very high on the ladder than it is today.

Royal Enfield Possibilities of Modification

However, owners of this brand of motorcycles should be keen during their modification process not to interfere with the normal performance and safety of the bike. Here are some few modifications below Rs 10000 that will amaze you;

1. Headlamp Grill

This cost around 500-1000 Rs depending on the quality and supplier. You place your order via Amazon India.

2. Windshield.

I think this a great feature that you will like on your bike. It will only cost you 2000-3000. The is available on online websites as well.

3. Custom Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels for Enfield

there is a group who don't like the wheels that the bike is bought with. Therefore getting customized alloy wheels for your Royal Enfield motorcycle for the external market can be a good idea.

4. Handlebar end LED lights for signals

This cheaply available at or eBay for about Rs 1000.

5. Handlebar

Handlebars decide the first look of any motorbikes because it represents the rider and his personality. There are various types of handlebars available especially for bullets. Some of them are straight which are best suitable for the tall rider and curved ones might be useful for tiny riders.

All these modifications need to keep the traffic law guidelines otherwise the person might need to pay a fine towards violating the law. Use a helmet and have a safe ride.

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