Seven Wonders of the Modern Era that will Blow your Mind

The universe is itself a wonder, but do you know about the seven wonders? Nope? Well, you will eventually get to know about them, and even wish to be there at least for once in your lifetime. Here is the list of new seven wonders of the universe, so plan to witness the hypnotic weirdness of them. These are mind-blowing, to be honest.


  • Great Wall of China

    Great Wall of China


The purpose behind the existence of this wonder, which is a collection of fortifications, is to protect the Chinese States from various enemies. Countless walls made by different dynasties’ Emperors, and what you can see in the recent era is the collection of those walls. Every kingdom had made changes into it as per their taste and intelligence. In a modern day, the Great Wall of China is more like a tourist spot, and it is attracting lots of expats from all over the orb.


  • Machu Picchu 

    Macchu Picchu Peru


This 15th-century wonder that situated in the Eastern Cordillera of Southern Peru is a historical masterpiece, which built for Inca Emperor from the era of 1438-1472. Made of polished dry stones, it looks weirdly beautiful. UNESCO declared Machu Picchu the historical heritage in 1981. Whenever you travel to Peru, then make sure to visit this place. It will be a treat to your eyes indeed.


  • Christ the Redeemer
    Statue of Christ Brazil


Christ the Redeemer is a 30 meter high Art Deco-style statue of Jesus on a hilltop in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, and it first unveiled in 1931. It’s increasing the value of Brazil since then, and tourists from all around the globe have been there as they couldn’t resist themselves from exploring the land.


  • Chichen Itza
    Chichan Itza World Wonders


Very well-preserved ruins in Mayan history, Chichen Itza, located at Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico is one of the favorite wonders in the world. The government of Mexico has maintained the ruins in a highly appealing form that nobody denies its charisma and beauty.


  • The Coliseum
    Italy The Colosseum


Have you ever seen the largest Amphitheatre? If not, then grab a ticket and go to Rome to view its Coliseum or Colosseum, which is without the shred of a doubt, the landmark for the country. It’s not only an icon of imperial Rome, but it has the record of hosting gladiatorial championships before. Almost 80,000 spectators can sit in the Coliseum with ease.


  • Petra


Jordan’s center of attraction for the expats, Petra, is a historical city of the land, and it’s quite a valuable asset for not only Jordan but for the entire universe, too. That’s why it is part of seven wonders. The specialty of the city is the compilation of rock-cut caves, tombs, and temples, which successfully attracting the travelers since ages.


  • Taj Mahal
    Taj Mahal


Symbol of love, Taj Mahal, is one of the landmarks of India. Located at Agra, Delhi, it is a mausoleum that completed in 1653. It’s a tomb of then-Emperor’s wife, and it is grabbing the attention of the expats from all around the universe. Go and explore it on your own.

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