Top Best Affordable Channels to Buy in India after New Government Rules

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has already announced its new tariff rule that will be in state from the 1 st February of 2019. According to it, Direct-to-home (DTH) prices are going to increases, and Cable TV Companies are on the edge of losing bulks of customers as TRAI is favoring DTH broadcasters without any doubt. Let us tell you what will be the situation after the implementation of the new rule.

How TRAI favoring DTH and not Cable TV Companies?

As per the new rule, consumers can only select 100 SD channels, which further include three categories: Free to air channels, pay channels, and a bouquet of pay channels in 153 Rs (130 + GST). And the fee is only a Network Capacity Fee (NCF). Moreover, in the bucket of 100 channels, 25 DD channels are mandatory, but you have the right to choose the rest of the 75 channels.

You can add FTA (free to air), pay, and a bouquet of pay channels in 75, and you must have to pay as per broadcasters’ rules. However, if you want to add more than 100 channels, then by paying additional NCF, which is 20 + GST, you will be able to add 25 more channels. Moreover, the HD channel would be equal to 2 SD channels.

Cable TV charges 250-350 Rs per month, and with the new rules and policies, there is a restriction on discounts, so cable operators can only give 15% discount to consumers, which eventually decline the ratio of customers as DTH will be much cheaper than it.

What is the positive aspect of TRAI’s new rule?

The most positive aspect of TRAI’s new rule is in the case of a-la-carte channels because it decreases the prices of individually selected channels.

Before the rule, DTH broadcasters like Tata Sky, Airtel, and others used to charge up to 65 Rs for adding a-la-carte channels, but everything is not the same now. As per the new policy, the operators can charge a maximum of Rs 19 + GST.

DTH Best Packs

What are the best affordable channels to buy after the new TRAI rule?

Well, you can add Star group Bouquet (Value pack of Rs 49), Sony India Bouquet (Happy India pack of Rs 31), Zee group Bouquet (Rs 45), and FTA channels. Star Value Pack  You will be able to add Star Sports HD, Sony Six HD, and other favorite channels with an additional cost of Rs 19 + GST, which isn’t pricey, to be honest.

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