What are the Best Ways to get Abroad Citizenship by Avoiding Extra Costs

Who wouldn’t like to settle in a secure and advanced country? People would love to settle in abroad, but the thing is, it’s not a piece of cake to approve even a visa to well-developed nations and to get a citizenship of another world is quite challenging, too. Well, every problem has a solution, and nothing is impossible, to be honest. Keep reading this article to know the best ways to get abroad citizenship without wasting extravagant costs. So, check it out!

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Best countries to choose for easy PR

Start-up Visas

If you have excellent entrepreneurial skills and you’re 100% sure you can change the game of the business, then get ready to become a part of any of these European Union countries as they can quickly issue start-up visas to aspiring entrepreneurs out there in the world.

  • Austria

If you can spend €50,000 in the Austrian economy and run a business with exceptional skills, you can apply for the start-up visa in the country.

  • Sweden

In Sweden, you can get a permanent residency only if you have enough entrepreneurial skills and funds to run a business so that you can support your family there.

  • France

Are you an innovative person, who have a lot of ideas to run a good business? If yes, you should apply for the French Tech Visa. To get the visa, you must have a capital at the level of the current French minimum wage.

Get a Permanent Residency by Investment

Are you a businessperson, who is willing to invest his/her savings in any of the first world countries? Everybody wants optimal output, so let us tell you, where you can get perks by investing some of your amounts.

  • Romania

If you invest €50,000 in any new or existing company, which can create 10+ permanent jobs, there will be a high chance of you to get the citizenship of Romania.

  • Latvia

You can apply for a permanent residency in Latvia if you can invest over €50,000 in a small start-up of fewer than 50 employees.

  • Portugal

To become a citizen of Portugal, you need to invest in between €350,000 and €500,000 in real estate.

  • Spain

If you spend over €500,000 in the real estate business in Spain, you will be likely to get its citizenship.

  • Cyprus

To get a permanent residency in Cyprus, you must have to invest €300,000 minimum.

  • Greece

All you have to do is to invest €250,000 in real estate business to procure citizenship. You will be free to spend your time in Greece or anywhere else.

  • Malta

If you invest in between €220,000 and €275,000 in real estate business, you may get the permanent residency in Malta. Investment amount depends on the area and age of the building you’re going to buy.


The most common way to get most of the countries’ citizenship is to get married to a native person of that particular place, where you want to settle for a lifetime.

Some people call it, “paper marriage,” and it can open the doors of any place on you for forever.

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