What are the Profitable Businesses to start with ten lac Investment?

To get maximum from a minimum investment requires immense dedication, but you can make it happen! Let’s check out some of the businesses to start with a ten lac investment.


Florist Best Business Option
Florist Best Business Option Under 10 lac

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary you name it!

One of the excellent things to do without being too hard on your pocket is flowers. But, somehow it’s usually a last minute thing. The business relatively is easy to start and get rolling. The money will invest in space, transportation, delivery, cards, customer service, refrigeration, and staff.

Though the flower business does not include extraordinary skills, however, it also does not need promotions as the marketing is cheap, and you can send coupons, discounts via E-mail for this purpose. Similarly, you can connect with wedding planners, because it will help your business to grow.

However, peak holidays, including Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the business days but also hectic as compared to routine time, and it depends on the sale of these days. So, for the long run, preservation units can be high-priced even if there are not sufficient customers.

Wellness Center

Mostly overlooked, but a significant number of people need help to survive from mental health. It requires a place and professionals to get started. The investment goes into facilities like recovering from a mental illness, to learn, socialize, educating, recreational activities, equipment, security, and staff.

The Wellness Center will attract a large number of people since everyone is going through issues, and the workforce will simultaneously involve productively with fewer absences. However, one should stay patient and calm as this business needs time to grow.

Online Store

E-Commerce is the growing business, and you can start making money anonymously, or whatever you like. It is an essential place to reach people without any geographical barrier. Your investment will spend on a virtual assistant as in web designers, graphic designers, advertising & PR packages, warehouse, and marketing consultants.

On the bright side, it neither requires you to open stores at prime locations, nor does it ask you to hire a large workforce to handle. Nevertheless, people might not show excitement due to a large number of scammers as trust can’t build with ease, and the competition is very high.

Food Truck

Food Truck is one of the excellent yet one of the most earning businesses of all times. A large carrier furnished with cooking items for making food and your investment will go in a well-equipped vehicle, logo, menu, culinary, marketing, and chefs.

The silver covering of a food truck can attract the crowd with ease, while in food festivals and carnivals, the customers will be unlimited. Conversely, the weather prediction might not always favor them, which can damage the business, and it must cover by working late hours and night shifts.

Event Planning

This industry is rising with time, and it depends on a social gathering with too many people to impress. Moreover, you need an investment that will help you to meet the masses. Find a site, arrange eatables, décor, accommodating each age group, and keep them entertained.

You can start on a trial basis from home, avoiding a significant loss, and then you can continue once you get enough profit. Furthermore, this business requires teamwork, so there is a support system to get it. Meanwhile, the cons include long, mundane hours to meet the client expectations, and the stress to gets you to meet your target in a restricted time frame.

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